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What is ImmiAccount?

ImmiAccount is a new online visa processing system that provides assistance to migration agents and visa applicants. With ImmiAccount, applicants can submit their documents, pay the fees, track their progress, request updates and communicate with the support team. ImmiAccount also takes care of all the details including translation work of supporting documentation like SBRs or police clearances.

ImmiAccount is good for clients because there is no more hassle in submitting applications; it also gives them time to find an agent to help with their application if needed. Migration agencies benefit by not having to spend many hours on low paying tasks like data entry or answering inquiries about progress. Agents enjoy more time for consultations with clients and finding new opportunities through ImmiAccount.

Applying without hassle

With one login, users can follow the progress of their applications; update supporting documentation like SBRs or police clearances; track correspondence with an agency or get information about the different visa options. They don’t have to deal with vague radio silence anymore if they are communicating through ImmiAccount because they can get updates on a regular schedule.

Saving you time and money

ImmiAccount makes it easy to manage fees, track applications and monitor progress. It simplifies communication between agents, visa applicants and support teams at ImmiAccount so there is no more guesswork about when an application will be finalised or what stage it’s at.

ImmiAccount is a secure online platform that makes it easy to invest in the right agents, get the best value for money and manage risk efficiently. With ImmiAccount, visa applicants can streamline their business processes and rest assured that they have a better chance of success if they are applying through an approved agency that uses ImmiAccount.

Manage your business more efficiently

ImmiAccount provides a range of management tools that streamline day-to-day tasks and make it easier for everyone to file applications, track progress and invest in the right partners. It is built for rewarding success because agents who provide high-quality services can grow their business through features like the Elite Partner Programme and Institutional Partnerships.

What can you do with ImmiAccount?

The following are examples of what you can do on the ImmiAccount platform: Check application status, update supporting documentation, monitor correspondence, track progress and pay fees to agents or ImmiAccount.

You have the option to pay either to your agent or the visa processing system.

To use ImmiAccount, you must submit your legal name and date of birth exactly as it appears on your passport, contact details like address and phone number, Australian visa details (if any) and citizenship (if any).

After entering your information, you will receive an authentication code that you must share with your agent. Depending on the credentials entered, you will either receive a confirmation email or be prompted to complete account verification using the ImmiAccount app.

You can use an ImmiAccount to apply for the following:

  1. The Year Partner visa (subclass 309)
  2. The Partner visa (subclass 300)
  3. The Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)
  4. The Prospective Marriage – Non-Award special eligibility sub visa (subclass 307)
  5. The Prospective Marriage Visa – Temporary Visa – Low Integrity subclass 313
  6. The Bridging Visa A (subclass 160), if you are outside of Australia and have arrived in Australia on a Bridging Visa.

How do you apply for ImmiAccount?

If applying for an Australian visa, you are required to submit all supporting documentation via ImmiAccount.

Go to the Get started page and create ImmiAccount and click on Submit documents. You will be provided with a list of all eligible supporting documents for the visa you are applying for. Click on each document type to get further instructions about how to upload it correctly through ImmiAccount.

Before uploading, read the tips offered on the web page to check if you are following the right guidelines for document classification.

Once ImmiAccount has received your application, you or your agent will receive an acknowledgement email confirming the receipt of your documents. The migration agency will have access to all of them through their account in ImmiAccount. Pay attention to what is being asked of you in the welcome email. You are required to pay either to your agent or the visa processing system, depending on whether they are an approved provider or not.

Learn more about ImmiAccount by visiting Office of Immigration Australia

In the age of digitization, all your paperwork hassles are shifted to computerized data and systems. That is also true for visa applications- with ImmiAccount from Australia’s government you can experience less stress during that process; if applying on behalf or facilitating such an application then we recommend checking out these innovative online services right away.

How do ImmiAccount help education and migration agents?

ImmiAccount helps migration agents and education providers to find new ways of providing services to their clients. Migration agencies can keep track of the progress of visa applications for those agents that they partner with. Education providers can use the ImmiAccount platform to provide skills-based courses and Australian immigration information sessions or combine them with citizenship ceremonies and other events.

The combination of online and offline services through partnerships is a win-win for both parties: it allows migration agencies to grow their business and education providers to attract more students. ImmiAccount provides a convenient platform for everything – from tracking progress on visa applications to finding out about Australian citizenship ceremonies in your area.

With ImmiAccount, you will always know what is happening to your application and when you will receive the outcome. Your migration and education agent will be able to provide updates about your visa while it is being processed, reducing stress for applicants. ImmiAccount eliminates the need for paper applications at every stage of the application process, which ensures a less complicated and quicker transition.

ImmiAccount will make sure that all documentation is readily available online, streamlining communication between clients and their respective agents or providers. Keep in mind that you must store all supporting documents on your account after each upload; you can do so at any time during the transaction by clicking on ‘View Uploaded Documents’ under ‘Documents & Payment’.

How does ImmiAccount help migrants?

ImmiAccount helps to streamline visa application processing. With the online portal, you can apply for a visa from anywhere in the world and check up on your progress at any time during the transaction. Finally, once the outcome is reached you will immediately receive a notification so that there are no more hassles with checking the status of your application yourself through other channels such as email or over the telephone. Your migration agent can provide updates about your visa while it is being processed, reducing stress for applicants and making their work easier!

What does an ImmiAccount look like? You can start exploring ImmiAccount by going to and signing up for your own account, which you can access anytime anywhere (you will need to verify that you are an eligible applicant before doing so). ImmiAccount uses a very modern interface with clean lines and easy scrolling functionality; it looks like the website of any global online platform – professional, user-friendly and efficient.

Is there anything I need to know about ImmiAccount?

If you are already living outside Australia but want to apply for an Australian visa, either as a skilled migrant or through another pathway (e.g., family reunion), you must first establish eligibility for the program of your choice using the online portal provided by Office of Immigration Australia.

ImmiAccount makes it easier than ever to find out whether you are eligible to apply for a visa through the Permanent Residency Pathway with New Zealand, or another program such as skilled migration, family sponsorship or student visa. You can complete your online profile right here on this portal before meeting with your migration agent, which will help them get started earlier and save you both time throughout the process.

What will I need when I sign up for ImmiAccount?

When applying for any visa program using ImmiAccount, you will need certain details about yourself in order to complete your online profile before meeting with your migration agent. This is information that you should have already gathered from other sources (e.g., birth certificate/passport) before signing up on ImmiAccount. This information will allow the government to accurately identify you and process your visa application accordingly so it is important to have it on hand while applying for a visa through this channel.

In addition to the details that you provided when signing up, you will also need access to a scanner or mobile device in order to upload certain documents such as passport-style photos, printed bank statements and academic transcripts. Please bring these with you when meeting with your migration professional.

How can I help my Migration Agent?

The first step towards successfully acquiring an Australian visa is completing your online profile using ImmiAccount. You can do so here, which will save both you and your migration agent valuable time during the visa application process. The more detail that you provide about yourself, the better – this will help your migration agent to determine which visa program is best suited to your needs and whether there are any additional steps required by you as a client before proceeding with the application process.

ImmiAccount simplifies the application process for migrants. With online processing systems like ImmiAccount, migration agents can easily grow their business using time efficiency as part of an advantage. Furthermore, ImmiAccount assures clients that their applications will be tracked throughout it every stage of the process. Besides using ImmiAccount, migration agencies have the advantage to provide timely information and updates to their clients for a long time period until a final outcome results from an immigration case through the online platform. Lastly, ImmiAccount is quick to respond and manage so you can help your migration agent by doing the following:

– Completing your online profile here on this portal before meeting with your migration agent, which will save both you and your migration agent valuable time during the visa application process.

– Providing key details about yourself during sign up in order to accurately identify you and process your visa application accordingly.

– Using a scanner or mobile device to upload certain documents such as passport-style photos, printed bank statements and academic transcripts. Please bring these with you when meeting with your migration professional.


ImmiAccount simplifies the application process for migrants. It streamlines and automates various processes that would take a lot of time otherwise, such as scanning documents or uploading photos. ImmiAccount also provides timely updates to clients during the long journey towards acquiring an Australian visa. If you are in need of help with your own immigration case, make sure to visit before meeting with your migration agent so they can get started on it right away.

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