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Migraines are no joke. They can be debilitating and make it difficult to function. The best way to stop them is avoiding triggers, but sometimes that’s not possible – or even advisable! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can use lemon juice with Himalayan salt as a headache cure when you’re in a pinch.

What is a Migraine?

Migraines are a common ailment that can be debilitating. Some people have found relief from migraines by drinking lemon juice with Himalayan salt. Is this remedy the answer to your prayers, relief for your pain? Read on and find out why many think so!

Ready to cure your headache? Cold compress, hot tea and now an easy-to-make juice that will have you feeling better in no time. All it takes is some Himalayan Salt mixed with water or lemon for Migraine relief! Now I know what you’re thinking: making this concoction sounds tedious–and let me tell ya’ there really isn’t much work involved here at all (I mean come on—less than 10 ingredients!). But don’t worry because we’ll take care of everything else by looking closely below how each ingredient comes together inside our recipe so before long, you might be drinking up without even noticing what goes into these drinks other than freshness from squeezing lemons overtop – which are always best when eaten

Can Himalayan Salt Stop Migraine?

Many migraine sufferers find relief from this popular home remedy.

Lemon juice contains a large concentration of citric acid, which is thought to relieve migraine pain by increasing serotonin production in the brain.

In addition, the potassium in lemon juice is a natural migraine reliever that helps the body with blood pressure.

When combined with Himalayan salt, lemon can reduce sodium levels and prevent dehydration.

Himalayan salt is considered to be a “pure” form of salt because it’s not contaminated with pollutants or chemicals. This means that the Himalayan salt has fewer trace minerals than regular table salt. The reduced mineral content gives migraine sufferers relief by reducing any possible migraine triggers caused by high levels of sodium.

Lemon juice with Himalayan salt is an effective migraine remedy that many migraine sufferers have found relief from!

Making this juice is easy and can completely change your day. A mix of Himalayan salt, water with a squeeze from the lemon will have you feeling relief in under two minutes!


½ teaspoon of Himalayan salt

Two tablespoons of lemon juice

Water (250 ml)

One teaspoon of honey (it is optional only if you need sweet)


Squeeze the lemon into the glass 

Add water (hot or cold)

Add Himalayan salt 

Mix it well and drink 


A lemon is a powerful tool for fighting off illness and infection. It has been used throughout history to help fight chronic diseases, including the bubonic plague which was once one of humanity’s most terrifying threats! With its many health benefits like reducing uric acid in joints or even decreasing inflammation- lemons can be your best friend on any given day – even if you don’t think so at first glance. One downfall might just lie within their simple juice; since vitamin c levels are lower than what they were fifty years ago (only thirty per cent now!), it may not always taste as sweet anymore… But hey this seems pretty logical considering all those other things lemon does provide us: digestion improvements among others.

Lemon juice with Himalayan salt is a migraine remedy that many migraine sufferers have found relief from! The bright and varied flavours of freshly squeezed lemon juice give this drink an edge over brewing coffee. The energy boost from the natural sugars will keep you going all day while avoiding any negative effects on your stomach or intestines due to its acidity (only if consumed without milk). If using a metal lid be careful not to touch it with salt as they can turn into dangerous metals when in contact! Otherwise enjoy some Himalayan sea salts for their many health benefits such as boosting immune function.

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